Anti-Secularism in Practice

The private observance of religious minorities is at stake when it comes to the anti-secularism in practice. It could be denied but true that the whole world is in against ‘freedom of religion and faith’ as the anti-secularist approach has got a solid embodiment even in a ‘constitutionally secularism’ country like India. Secularist measure in India is very negligible and argumentatively, it can be called a ‘political fierce’. India has bitterly witnessed several anti-secular violences such as, 1984 anti-Sikhs riot, 1992 demolition of babri masque, 1992 Mumbai anti-ethnic riot, 2002 Gujarat Godhra riot, 2002 Vadodara Best Bakery case, 2008 Orissa Kandhamal anti-Christians riot, and various continuous anti-social activities in the name of Jihad by the Muslims minorities are no way alleviating India to be a more secularism country. In one word, we can say the philosophical system of faith and belief has completely been vanished, for which the common man is paying a heavy price.

Though Muslims number one billion and almost 48 countries with a full or near Muslim majority, has yet to evolve a stable, democratic political system. The Muslim countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq are in severe tense as they are building foundations and provide platforms to the promiscuous youths to train their brains in the path of anti-social movements. The countries are dying at each moment and are victim of terrorism of anti-socialist groups like Taliban, Al-Qaeda etc.

If we look at European and western culture, it is predominately ‘spiritual famine’. Another aspect of the western world the basic concerns all fundamentalists is the loss of belief on the value system. The self satisfied remarks of religious fundamentalists are confusing both believers and non-believers to stand on which-way. The Islamic fundamentalist Muhammad Qutb, who said “The only religion on earth that includes and satisfies all these requirements is Islam” is severally fostering an anti-slogan against the rest of religions and believers of other faiths which in no way approaches secularism. France being a ‘secularism’ country with its ideology ‘Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood’ has born a new atheistical platform and is fairly supporting anti-secularism whether it is Franco-Algerian War of 1954-1962, ban on burqa, anti-Arab animadverting.Each Western European government shall have to take extreme measure in terms of secularism. “Britain is confounded with its native born Muslim terrorists, while Holland is too worried with its anti-immigration Party and political stabbings, Germany is quite unhappy with its disenfranchised Turkish millions, while Spain is not favoring boisterous train bombings and its minor Muslims, Italy is out of control with its unruly, chaos and uncurbed immigrations, and France and Belgium are struggling to curb their immigrant ghettos” (words quoted from France: The failure of western secularism). The whole Europe has to decide which policies are to be imposed to maintain peace and prosperity’.

In Australia, we can find intense anti-secularism against Indians, Muslims minority and other ethnic minorities. The 1969 fire to al-Aqsa mosque, causing extensive damage and several Indians death can surely cue the world the question of secularism exists. Today, America is more cautious to prevent anti-humanities conflicts and is making every effort not to experience a 9/11 incident and to maintain law and order in its regions. Though Barack Obama is precisely supporting secularism, in his words, “No one has ever said that believers should leave their religion at the door before entering the public square.” Anyway, America and the Americans should realize the differentiation of ‘personal morality’ and in stead of tearing ‘war on terrorism’ should favor secularism at large.

The secularist irresponsibility, due to some finger counted elites, religion will not go anywhere, it is coming back to haunt us for the past and present contempt. Terrorist like Bin Laden have no answer and can offer no alternative. Our collective survival lies in recognising that neither religion nor nationalism is the solution. But we have only choice; the path of ‘secular humanism- the practice of secularism’. Whether it is Allah or the Qur’an, Jesus Christ or the Bible, Lord Krishna or the Gita, we should naturalise the mutual religious respect and work on honest secularism practice.

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