About the author

  “A Techno-savvy person with a passion to pace with new technological innovation”

I am Ganeswar Sahoo, an Indian, an ambitious scholar, a social activist, and a contemporary blogger.

As an ardent advocate of social justice and development and supporter of social action and research, I persistently support social action research and social welfare to eradicate poverty, eliminate inequalities, sustain growth and to spread education to the all boundaries.

I love to meet new people, like to visit new places of the world, and enjoy learning different cultures and traditions. I am very fond of reading, writing,  cooking, bike riding, swimming, net browsing and would always like to pace with  the speed of new technological innovation. I believe in change, may it be social  or environmental, economical or political. In my view, ‘Change can only  bring progress’, so I believe in reform and transformation. I am very liberal and respect   to other ideologies.

My Philosophy“Life is a multifaceted prism that we only can learn with passing time without thinking any antirival but we should bear in mind that whatever we do, should consist of value and moral that others will think it appropriate to follow”.

Dream Big to get Big Result”.



  1. dear brother Ganeswar Sahoo

    vande maataram

    thanks for being friendly
    lets continue to exchange more knowledge ultimately WISDOM

  2. Very impressive!

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